Barrel racing event brings the cowgirls into the spotlight as they guide their horses through a lightning-fast cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. Barrel Racing is a fierce competition that demands a unique blend of speed and control. Cowgirls form an unbreakable bond with their horses as they race against the time.

The key for cowgirls in this competition is to leave all three barrels standing while going as fast as they and their horses can because if they knock down one of the barrels, they will receive a five-second penalty.

Cowgirls can go to the left or right from the start of the bottom line. What they have to make sure of is leaving all three barrels standing as they complete the Cloverleaf pattern. The model of success in this sport is to go as fast as one’s horse can go, not lose momentum in the turns, and don’t knock over.

Barrel Racing Participants Facts

In the 2023 NFR next month, where Lisa Lockhart will enter her 17th National Finals Rodeo, four cowgirls, Taycie Matthews, Sumer Kosel, Ilyssa Riley, and Paige Jones, will be making an appearance in the NFR for the first time.

In the 2023 NFR at Las Vegas, Sue Smith will be the oldest barrel racer at 68, while debutant Taycie Smith will be the youngest at 20. This year, coming to the event, Pozzi Tonozzi leads the chart in 2023 NFR season earnings with a wholesome amount of $270,563.

Pro Rodeo Barrel Racing World Standings

1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi (3) – $270,563.42
2. Jordon Briggs – $160,824.20
3. Emily Beisel (25) – $158,752.41
4. Taycie Matthews (44) – $145,439.17
5. Lisa Lockhart (59) – $134,591.65
6. Kassie Mowry (60) – $133,802.17
7. Wenda Johnson (82) – $120,505.57
8. Jessica Routier (84) – $117,695.43
9. Summer Kosel (91) – $115,681.61
10. Ilyssa Riley (98) – $111,473.37
11. Sissy Winn (108) – $109,022.49
12. Stevi Hillman (99) – $109,015.44
13. Hailey Kinsel (103) – $105,775.77
14. Sue Smith (104) – $105,643.94
15. Paige Jones (111) – $102,968.22

NFR Finals 2023 FAQ’s

What are NFR 2023 dates?
National Finals Rodeo 2023 dates are December 7 – 16, 2023

Where is National Finals Rodeo 2023?
National Finals Rodeo 2023 is taking place at the
Thomas & Mack Center (on the UNLV Campus)
4505 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154″

What is the best way to get to Thomas & Mack Center?
National Finals Rodeo provides Free shuttles to the Thomas & Mack Center. The free NFR Express shuttle buses will pickup and drop off rodeo fans from approximately 20 hotels on the strip and downtown for each night’s rodeo performance.

What else is happening in town the week of the National Finals Rodeo 2023?
From the minute you arrive in Las Vegas, you will find action and entertainment everywhere you look. We have put together a list of things to do during the NFR week. This is a good place to start.

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